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2mm X 4mm Diffused LED's

Red, Yellow, Green and Orange Led's works on 1.8 to 2 volts, White, Blue and Purple need 3 to 3.5 volts for proper operation. All 2 X 4mm LED's operate on 20ma. A current limiting resistor should be used when lighting LED's in most applications. To find the correct resistor subtract led working voltage from your source voltage then divide by .02, use a resistor equal to that amount or greater, do not use a smaller resistor.  After you have finished shopping request total for all purchases, you will then receive a invoice with the discounted S&H. If there are any questions we are always more than willing to help if possible.  

2mm X 4mm Red Diffused LED's

2mm X 4mm Orange Diffused LED's

2mm X 4mm Yellow Diffused LED's

2mm X 4mm Green Diffused LED's

2mm X 4mm White Water Clear LED's

2 X 4 Bi-Color

2mm X 4mm Red/Green Bi-Color 3 Lead LED's Common Cathode

2mm X 4mm Red/Green Bi-Color 2 Lead LED's